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We live in a world where time is considered as the most precious thing that can’t be bought. Thus, it is important for us to act wise in order to get the best out of every hour we spend.
The same thing applies when planning a trip. Sometimes, we are unable to make a thorough planning because we’re way too busy at work. This can often lead to problems which can make your trip less enjoyable.
The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta understands how difficult it is to plan a vacation or business trip in a limited amount of time. That is why we’re back with our most anticipated Limited Offer, which will ensure you the best and hassle-free staying experience. Get 22% off of our room rate, includes breakfast for 2, free minibar, free laundry, and free shuttle bus to Senayan City if you book your stay through our website now!
(Valid until June 30th, 2019)

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