5 Tastiest Food from Sultan Delivery Service

October 18, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have come to realize that a lot of things can actually be done from home. For examples, meetings that are usually require your physical attendance can now be conducted through app like Zoom or Google Meeting. People can do grocery shoppping simply by tapping a few buttons on their smartphone. When visiting a restaurant is strictly prohibited, we can order our favorite food through food delivery app. With the assistance of great technology, everything becomes possible.

This situation inspired The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta to come up with a fresh strategy in 2021. In order to creative an innovative eating experience for our hotel, we officially launched our delivery service at the end of September. Available for Traveloka Eats and Official WhatsApp Sultan Delivery, our beloved Lagoon Cafe, Lagoon Lounge, and Sultan Pizzeria will be at your service. With around 30 menus combine, customers can choose variety of dishes from Italian Roasted Chicken to Nasi Goreng Buntut to their doors.

On this month's article, we will bring you to take a quick look at 5 tastiest dishes you can order at our Delivery Service. For those who make their order through Traveloka Eats, there will be a 30% discount on each purchases! 

The Carnivore


On August 10th 2020, the legendary pizza place Sultan Pizzeria was officially reopened for public. Bringing the concept of casual outdoor dining, guests can satisfy their cravings for authentic Italian dishes with varieties of menu that we present. For example, Penne Vegetariano and Pizza Vegetariano that can work for both Italian food lovers and vegetarians. As for Seafood Marinara and Fettucini Fruti di Mare, these dishes can be a perfect option for those who love the taste of the ocean on their pizza and pasta. With the ever-growing demand for delivery service, you can now make an order at Sultan Pizzeria from the comfort of your home! Don’t forget to try our signature The Carnivore while you’re at it.

Salmon en Croute


Fancy for a luxurious meal box for lunch or dinner? Our Signature Meals Package might just be the answer to your prayer! Available in three different options such as Baked Chicken Roulade, Oven Roasted Meatloaf, and Salmon en Croute, these dishes are freshly made and prepared by our Chef just a few minutes before your order. For those of you who might need a friendly recommendation, Salmon en Croute can be a great option for this trial. Consist of Baked Atlantic Salmon, Mushroom, Spinach, and Grana Padano Cheese wrapped in Puff Pastry, this dish will be served alongside Garlic Bread and Roasted Chicken Breast.

Italian Roasted Chicken


Did you know that Roasted Chicken was believed to be invented during Medieval Period? Not only that, this dish was also become King Richard the Lionheart’s favorite food! Using the method of roasting in 350 degrees oven, Roasted Chicken is one of those dishes that can instantly bring us comfort. For those of you who are interested on giving this delicious food a try, Lagoon Café has its signature Italian Roasted Chicken that you can order. Drizzled in Mushroom Sauce and served with Potato Wedges, Buttered Mixed Vegetables, and Cake of the Day, you will find a taste of Italy on every bite!

Paru Cabe Ijo


For those who are really familiar with Indonesian food, Paru Goreng or Fried Ox Lungs is probably not a foreign subject to talk about. Combining crispy and savory, Fried Lungs are one of those dishes that best served with steaming hot rice and sambal on the side. Inspired by this beloved recipe, Lagoon Café came up with a Sultan Bowl creation called Paru Cabe Ijo. On this menu, you will find wok fried Ox Lung drizzled in Sambal Ijo, served with rice and sunny side up on top. Not only rich in taste, this food screams Indonesia’s food delicacy at its best!

Penne Vegetariano 


In the mood for something tasty and refreshing? Penne Vegetariano can be your perfect buddy on today's lunch! Cooked alongside fresh veggies such as eggplant, zucchini, champignon mushroom, coriander leaf, and drizzled with tomato sauce, our Penne Vegetariano is also suitable for those of you who are in a plant-based food lifestyle. Available in Sultan Pizzeria, we highly recommend you to enjoy this dish with slices of Vegetariano Pizza because who doesn't love carbs on carbs?