5 Safe Ways to Plan Your Wedding During the Pandemic

November 30, 2020

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak at the beginning of 2020, many things have changed around our daily lives. We are no longer able to go outside without wearing a mask and we carry hand sanitizer almost every day in our bags.

This also affects our view around common social activities such as family gathering or hanging out with friends. But, one of the biggest changes we’ve probably experienced is the way we view grand social event like wedding.

Before the pandemic, wedding is seen as this beautiful event where people you love gather in one day to celebrate a ‘once in a lifetime’ moment. These days, we can’t help but feeling anxious whenever we receive a wedding invitation. “Is it okay if I skip this wedding? Would that be rude to do so? Would it be safe to be around that many people?” would probably be our most common fear.

For couples who are planning on having their wedding receptions during the pandemic, there are few things you need to be paying attention to. Not only this will be helpful to ensure a hassle-free party, but it will also give your guests some reassurance about their safety. These are some recommendations that we have compile for you.

1. Prepare your guest list with few changes


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One of the hardest things about re-planning your wedding during the pandemic is rearranging the guest list. Since Indonesian government had set some rules around wedding reception, couples must be ready to let some people go. Sure, this step might sound a bit harsh, but unfortunately there aren’t better solutions available.

Maryanne Parker, the founder of Manor of Manners, stated for nytimes.com that couples shouldn’t be worried that their action will hurt some people. She added, since Covide-19 is something that is out of everyone’s control, they don’t need to apologize to those who don’t make it to the guest list.

2. Pick the safest and most comfortable venue


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These days, people tend to feel more comfortable to attend an outdoor wedding. According to Guideline Principles wrote by CDC, smaller outdoor event with proper social distancing and health protocols is considered as ‘More Risk’ activity. Although the risk of contagion will still be present, the outdoor setting could minimize it.

Not only that, outdoor wedding could also give casual and intimate feeling to your special day. Since city dwellers already spend solid amount of times inside an office cubicle or any other indoor settings, young couples tend to lean towards the idea of moving their party ‘outside of the room.’ This is probably one of the reasons why we’ve seen the significant raise of outdoor wedding’s popularity over the past few years.

3. Figure out the best way to serve meals at the reception


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One of the most crucial points of any major events (i.e. wedding, engagement party, even birthday party) is food. Kateryna Yaroshenko from gevme.com wrote that not only food is used as a symbol of hospitality from the host, but it’s also seen as integral part to create a great atmosphere on any events. If we all want to be honest, food can make everything a lot better.

Unfortunately, food has now become one of the main concerns for couples who want to held their wedding reception during the pandemic. It’s almost impossible not to serve any meals during such a big event, but at the same time this can be a risky move. Kim Forrest wrote on weddingwire.com that there are few ways to “serve up food safely, without sacrificing deliciousness.”

First, couples should consider serving their wedding meals in pre-packaged bento boxes with personal utensils. For light snacks or desserts, it’s better to serve it in individual bite-size. Forrest also suggested that if couples want to keep the traditional buffet-style lunch or dinner, make sure there are trained staffs on site to assist any of guests’ needs.

4. Plan a thorough health protocol


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Your wedding preparation during the pandemic is nowhere near finished, without planning a thorough health protocol scheme. Ever since new normal period has started Indonesia, the government have started to give permits for couples who are planning to held intimate wedding receptions. But, of course there are some strict regulations that needs to be followed.

For example, you can provide additional information regarding health protocol regulations on your party. Send an email or text to your guests about the safety measure you will take to ensure their safety. From temperature checking before entering the venue, psychical distancing, to a friendly reminder that you will be providing hand sanitizer, wash basin, and masks if needed.

5. Prepare a tool to live stream your wedding


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Although we wish to invite each of our closest friends or relatives on our special day, but during the pandemic it would be better to take safety measures for everyone involved. Thankfully, we live in a world where everything can be easily connected through technology. These days, there are many couples who make use of Instagram Live, Skype, or Zoom to live stream their wedding. By applying this simple method, you can share happiness with friends and relatives who are unable to attend your party.