Keep Your Kids Healthy

August 01, 2017

No, you don’t need to postpone your travel plans just because you have small kids. But traveling with kids under the age of 15 does require a special preparation. As long as you know what to look out for, the travel experience can be enjoyable for all.

Vaccinate Your Children

Diseases tend to have worse effects in kids than in adults. Fortunately, most diseases are generally preventable by the right vaccines. Discuss this with your health care provider to ensure that your kids are fully protected before traveling - especially overseas- by getting all the shots. Discuss also the types of medication you would need to take, including anti-malarial pills. Don’t forget to research and keep a note of health facilities in each area you’re visiting.



Consider Transportation Risks

Changes in pressure during take off and landing in air travel cause ear pain. To lessen the pain, infants should bottle or breastfeed. Older kids can chew gum or be encouraged to swallow or yawn. Jet lag is a common problem. Adjust your travel schedule following the local time zone to maximize exposure to sunlight and minimize jet lag. Additionally, remember that traffic laws vary around the world. Bring car seats, if necessary.



Avoid Unnecessary Stress

Pack a health kit containing enough supplies to prevent common illness and handle minor injuries. Avoid drinking tap or uncooked water. Seek medical attention if your kid appears to be severely sick and does not improve in 1-2 days despite the use of over-the-counter medicines. Last but not least, bring their favorite snacks that last for the first few days to help them adjust to a new environment.




Text: Rini Sucahyo

Source: Journey Indonesia Magazine